Recycling efforts at the Grand Hotel at Bridgeport!

recycleLast Thursday furniture started to arrive at the job site of the Grand Hotel at Bridgeport.  Along with that comes cardboard, styrofoam, and plastic bags! A huge THANK YOU goes out to Chad Robinson and Bio Clean of Salem for donating your time, truck and efforts to  haul all of the packaging back to your warehouse in Salem –  I want to personally thank Abisha Dunivan and Kelli Ketchum for donating your time that night to help sort all of it!  Couldn’t have done it without you!  We successfully filled 11, 6 foot x 6 foot bags of Styrofoam.  All Styrofoam will be taken to Fresh Start Coffeehouse and Marketplace on Center Street in Salem.  This is the ONLY business that takes Styrofoam like this and recycles it.  Huge efforts are being made to recycle everything possible during the opening of our new hotel! 

Thank you Chad, Kelli,Abisha and the two rascals that helped break everything down for your dedication to the cause and for your passion towards the green efforts of our community!