Salem, Oregon to Host Second Largest Tandem Bike Rally in the U.S.

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Salem, Oregon will host the 27th Annual Northwest Tandem Rally, the second largest tandem rally in the U.S. in 2012 and we are honored to be the host hotel!

The 2012 event will take place June 29th through July 2nd on cycling routes throughout the Salem region. The organizer of the rally is Salem NWTR 2010 LLC, a group of about 14 dedicated tandem cyclists living in the Salem area. Salem NWTR will partner with The Grand Hotel in Salem and Willamette University for food services and accommodations.

One of the organizers, Kurt Haas, who races with local Capitol Velo Racing Club, says the group is busy planning routes and locations for events. Eventually they welcome volunteers and sponsors for the rally.

The mission of the 2012 Northwest Tandem Rally is to share the Wonders of the Willamette (WOW) Valley – its hospitality, history, and scenic bicycle routes – with tandem families and friends from the Northwest and across the US and beyond – all at an affordable price.

“Our goal is to involve community in the ride as much as possible,” he said, “to benefit the riders along with the Willamette Valley, the economy, local businesses and community relationships.” He says some of the routes will have stops at local businesses like E.Z. Orchards, Willamette Valley Fruit Company, Bauman Farm and others.

Tandem teams are generally well-educated, affluent, and fit, with participants ranging from 25-60 and frequently include families with their children. The majority of NWTR participants come from Oregon, Washington and Northern California, with representation from across the country and some venturing from as far away as Europe and Australia.

Organizers are excited about the energy the event will bring to the Salem area.

“Most people haven’t seen 300 or 400 tandem bikes rolling down the road together; the rally really brings a buzz to the community,” said Haas who rides tandem on a three-seated bike with his wife and seven-year old daughter.

“Many of the tandem riders are couples and families. This is really a family-oriented activity!”

Excess proceeds from the event will go toward community based nonprofit organizations and to future NWTR events.

Organizers will also host a trade show along with a series of events, planned to increase contact between rally participants and vendors. Cost for a booth at the trade show will be $50.

For more information about the 2012 Salem NWTR, visit their website at

History of the Northwest Tandem Rally
The Northwest Tandem Rally has traveled extensively throughout the Northwest since 1986. The event has traditionally been on Memorial Day weekend but depending on venue and calendar may also be held on Fourth of July weekend. It is produced as an all-volunteer event, designed to be family oriented, grassroots and affordable.