Resolve to See What’s New in Downtown Salem in 2015!

Gayle's Italian Market
Photo @ Gayle's Italian Market Facebook

Now that a new year is upon us, we hope you will make a trip to Salem, Oregon in 2015 and experience the many new features that makes our downtown area such a delightful travel destination! Our downtown is already known for it’s convenience (visitors love the multitude of convenient, free parking available) and we are thrilled that Salem is now being recognized as a premiere travel and entertainment destination.

If you haven’t been here lately, it’s time to see what’s new. Salem, Oregon is currently experiencing a revitalization and the entrepreneurial spirit is going strong as new, locally owned businesses, shops, restaurants and attractions are popping up everywhere you look!

Ricky's Bubbles & Sweets Shoppe

Photo @ Ricky’s Bubbles & Sweets Shoppe Facebook

Photo @ Archive Coffee & Bar Facebook

Photo @ Archive Coffee & Bar Facebook

One of the most exciting changes we’ve seen is the recent re-opening of the McGilchrist-Roth Buildings , two historic buildings that have occupied Liberty and State streets since 1916.

This newly revitalized downtown Salem destination features new businesses such as: Gayle’s Italian Market,an authentic Italian market featuring pizza, artisan cheeses, wine, meats and more; Ricky’s Bubbles & Sweets, a quirky old-fashioned candy and gift store; and Archive, a hip, urban coffee shop/bar that’s getting lots of local buzz!

The new developments happening in and around the McGilchrist-Roth Buildings is a sign of a new era for Downtown Salem. The renovation was spearheaded by Gayle Caldarazzo-Doty (owner of Gayle’s Italian Market) and her husband, who invested millions transforming the two historic buildings into a vibrant 40,365 square foot space boasting unique shops, businesses and luxury residences while maintaining it’s original charm.

It’s exciting to see the McGilchrist and Roth Buildings restored and once again playing a central part in Oregon’s capital city!