Experience This: A Tour of Oregon’s State Capitol

Oregon State Capitol
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“Architecture and history enthusiasts will enjoy a visit to this white, Greek-style building whose rotunda is topped with a gold leaf statue representing Oregon’s first settlers. Inside are murals depicting state history, and outside are sculptures, gardens and grounds for strolling or picnicking.” – A Description of the Oregon State Capitol on TripAdvisor

Our guests are always asking us about interesting and noteworthy attractions to visit in our region and we are always happy to share our recommendations! During your next visit, we encourage you to take a side trip with the whole family to see our grand, gold-domed State Capitol, just a short drive from the hotel.

Built in 1938, the Oregon State Capitol is listed on the National Register of Historic Places. It’s home to the Oregon Legislature, the Offices of the Governor, the Secretary of State and the State Treasurer which makes it an ideal place to learn about the workings of the government.

If possible, make arrangements to go on one of their group tours (free of charge) where you will learn about the building’s history, as well as it’s collection of historic and art exhibits’ then head to the observation deck for a breathtaking view of Salem and its surrounding area.

 Oregon State Capitol Don’t just take our word for it, read what these State Capitol visitors had to say on TripAdvisor:

“Oregon’s Capital an Adventure”
Living in Salem, for 17 years, gave me hundreds, even thousands of times to see the ‘Golden Man’ on top of the capital building. There’s a tour to the top of the capital-it’s free. You can get a good meal in the lower level. You can go to the Governor’s office and say hi to his staff, and sometimes our jean clad Governor. They’ll even give you an Oregon pencil. The gift shop is incredible. Pictures, inside and out, are spectacular year round. One of the most important things done here is the legislature in action. You can sit within feet of these men and women as they work, attend any number of committee meetings and, in general, see how our government works.


“History and beauty abounds.”
The Oregon State Capitol building is a splendid and beautiful place to visit. The Guest Host is friendly and helpful and there are tours to be taken at various times of the day. The grounds surrounding the Capitol Building are beautifully kept and history markers are everywhere. There are fountains to look at and some for children to play in. The benches are numerous so that you can rest if you feel like it. A great stop for someone from out of State. I am an Oregonian myself and have been to the Capitol many times and still enjoy it. Christmas season at the Capitol Building and grounds is a vision of lights and music. Great!!

Call 503-986-1388 to schedule a visit to your Oregon State Capitol today!

900 Court Street NE
Salem, Oregon 97301

7:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.
Saturday – closed
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