What’s Not to Love About the Blackrock Mountain Bike Trail System?

Blackrock Mountain Biking
Photo-Rider EGP by Nathan via brmba.org.

Want to travel like a true Oregonian? Go mountain biking! More and more travelers are coming to Oregon for it’s stellar outdoor recreation opportunities that can be found in places like the Blackrock Mountain Bike Trail System. The Blackrock free-ride mountain bike trails are on 500 acres of land near Falls City, Oregon– about 25 miles west of Salem.

This local gem is popular with outdoor enthusiasts and managed by the Blackrock Mountain Bike Association, a non-profit organization of volunteers who built and maintains this top notch trail system.  The countless hours of work these volunteers have contributed make Blackrock the renowned trail system that it is today.

“Any given moment, if I had the opportunity to have a weekend off, I’d drive down there to ride,” said professional mountain biker Jay Hoots told Timothy Alex Akimoff in a 2006 Statesman Journal article. “It’s one of the top five places I’ve been to so far in terms of stoke-factor of the (club members), the bike shops and then, of course, the trails themselves. It was really stellar.”

One rider had this to say in a recent review. “This has got to be the best trail system I’ve seen. It’s got the best of everything….It is very well maintained and built in a way that it is fun for amateurs and experts alike. Expect your skill level to progress every time you visit. I wish I lived closer.”

The Blackrock trail system is divided into four primary trails which vary in skill level.  The trails consist of natural obstacles such as rock gardens and roots along with manmade berms, ramps and jumps. Watch this rider make his way down the Bonzai Trail-

Ex-racer Craig Cleary says the key to surviving the learning curve from curbs to gaps is to start small. “Ride Basic Training (at Black Rock) for quite a while before you move up,” he told the Oregonian. “Start on the green trails and work your way up to black. Familiarize yourself with the terrain before you commit. Don’t be afraid to ride around.”

For directions and more information, please visit brmba.org.

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