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Salem Greeters

Ever wish you could see another side of Downtown Salem?  Perhaps one that is more unique and off the beaten path?

Lucky for you, Travel Salem introduced a fabulous new program this spring so visitors can experience downtown Salem like never before! Travel Salem’s Salem Greeters program, one of just 5 in the entire country, is getting national and statewide media attention for good reason! Who better to showcase what makes our city great than those who call it home?

Greeters are volunteers who guide small groups of 6 or less on informal, unscripted tours around the city’s most interesting places and share their personal perspectives for a truly authentic Salem experience. They also introduce visitors to local experiences in lesser known cultural and historical gems, parks and neighborhoods. The best part? It’s free! All you have to do is schedule your tour at least 7 days in advance of your arrival.

To schedule a tour, go to and fill out the online request form, or call the Travel Salem Visitors Center at 800-874-7012. You can also learn more by going to

Greeters are not professional guides. Rather, think of them as your new friend here to show you what makes our unique city special. Greeter guided visits are customized depending on your particular interests and typically span 1-2 hours in duration.

The Salem Greeters Program is part of the Global Greeters Network, a voluntary association of independent welcoming programs. Salem is the first city in Oregon and fourth in the nation to launch a Greeters Program, a way for volunteer hosts with local knowledge to share it with visitors from out of town.

Looking for More Info to Plan Your Trip? The Travel Salem Visitors Café is also a great resource where you can pick up complimentary travel guides and brochures. You can also order the brand new Travel Salem Visitor’s Guide by clicking here.

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