Make Salem your biking destination with The Bike Concierge

The Bike Concierge

Salem is known for being one of our country’s most charming biking destinations; we consistently rank on Bicycling Magazine‘s list of top 50 biking cities in the US and see numerous visitors every year coming to travel throughout the area on two wheels. The future looks even brighter with upcoming initiatives such as bike-sharing and additional bike lanes  cementing Salem’s status as a top biking destination.

It’s not just the city of Salem, either; the Willamette Valley offers bike riders unparalleled landscapes and views to experience on a biking trail and/or tour. Bicycling Magazine had this to say:

On the 132-mile Willamette Valley Scenic Bikeway you’ll pedal alongside the Cascade Mountains and the Coast Range, through the Cubanisimo Vineyard, which produces some of the best Pinot Noir in the country, and amidst the refreshing fragrances of pink and purple wildflowers. Make a pit stop in Salem, about 30 miles into the Bikeway, for shortcake topped with local berries at the E.Z. Orchards Farm Market.”

As Salem grows in popularity as a bicycle destination, travelers must consider the following: do they rent a bike there or ship yours? How do they find a good tour? Where are the good bike shops? Who do they call if they’re in trouble?

Oregon City’s The Bike Concierge helps with all those questions and more by providing road tours, mountain bike excursions, shuttle services, bike shipping, bike rentals, and anything else that may make their biking trip convenient.

For those interested in taking a tour with The Bike Concierge, here’s a sneak peak of what you can expect should you embark in one of their multi-day tours:

“All our tours are a mix of camping and hotel nights but this isn’t the roughing it by a mile.  Double occupancy tents with cots and all the comforts of home are set up and ready when you arrive at camp.  Food and beverages to make every night an experience to remember.  All you need is your personal items, your sleeping bag and pillow.  The support van carries all your gear and meets you along the way each day to refill your snacks and water bottles so all you need to do is ride and soak up the experience. ”

For riders interested in a single-day tour there’s the Oregon City Wine Tour, traveling through 15 miles and 3 wineries; Peddle and Paddle, offering an exciting mix of biking and kayaking, Farm Loops, which includes veggies, flowers, animals, high hills, flat lands, and wine.

Regardless of which tour riders take part in, even if the tour is not one The Bike Concierge provides, one of the most helpful services the Bike Concierge offer is their Emergency Ride Home service. Any rider traveling through Salem and the Willamette Valley can phone number 503.314.6095 in the case of the worse happening when out biking on tour.

With spring on the horizon, it’s the ideal time to come and experience Salem on two wheels — and The Bike Concierge will help make planning that trip easier than ever.