Waste Not, Want Not…Why Being a ‘Green Hotel” Matters.

Green Hotel Salem Oregon

One of the primary objectives of The Grand Hotel in Salem from the very beginning is to do whatever we can to eliminate waste and protect the environment. We remain committed to exploring new opportunities to better conserve and reuse our valuable resources.

“Since March 2005 The Grand Hotel has strived to exceed our guest’s expectations,” says Kristi Reed, Director of Sales at The Grand Hotel. “When our guests requested a greener hotel, we knew it would be good for the hotel, the environment, and for our guests who practice sustainability. As a result, we gave them what they asked for”.

To do accomplish this, we set out to reduce waste by implementing extensive recycling initiatives throughout the hotel, The Salem Convention Center, and Bentley’s Grill. We have placed appropriate containers for recycling in just about every corner of our mixed-use facility. But this alone was not enough.

What makes our recycling program so successful is our commitment to educating and training all employees on the current standings of what is and what is not recyclable. Education is huge, and as a company, we pride ourselves on being a leader in the community with our sustainable efforts.

Green Hotel Salem Oregon

In addition to utilizing the resources and information from Marion Co. Public Works, we participate in monthly “Green Team” meetings and education and encouraging all employees to ask questions about recycling materials. There is nothing we throw away that we haven’t asked about first!

The result? All plastic items, plastic wrap/bags, paper, newspapers, cardboard, Styrofoam, tin, metal, light bulbs, batteries, ink cartridges, milk lids, plastic ware, straws, stir sticks, key cards, old CD’s, key cards, etc.. Etc… are all recycled properly.

The housekeeping staff has been trained how to collect and save soap and shampoo our guests leave behind so they can be donated to “Clean The World”, a life-saving, non-profit organization that distributes recycled soap products and educational materials to domestic homeless shelters and impoverished countries worldwide.

In addition to the recycling program, we have implemented the following practices to reduce the amount of waste in our operations:

  • Use of 100% recycled paper for all printed material
  • All waste left from on-site events is sorted and distributed properly
  • Facility finds alternative uses for items not recyclable or donates materials to local schools and organizations for local projects,
  • promoting Re-Use
  • Hotel donates all unclaimed lost and found items (after a 4 month period) to the Marion County Recidivism program through SOAR (Student Opportunity for Achieving Results)

“Our entire staff as bought off on the opportunity and excitement that comes with this type of program,” says General Manager Scott Snyder. “As a business, we are thrilled at the chance to engage our staff and guests in this effort, as we will see an incredible potential bottom‐line impact for energy savings, a reduction in garbage pickups and improved moral.”

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