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Return of Grand… Salem Yesterday and Today..

The Marion Hotel became a classic the moment it opened its doors as the Chemeketa House in 1870. Located in the southeast corner of Commercial And Ferry streets, it was billed as “the finest and largest in Oregon” and As the “finest North of San Francisco, with all modern improvements.”

Through the years the Marion Hotel was the Meeting Place for business people in the Salem area. The hotel hosted legislators and lobbyists visiting the nearby state capital. Early one morning in 1971, it all ended in a tragic fire that many remember to this day.

Today, standing in the exact location of the Marion Hotel’s historic site, rises a new land-mark – the Grand Hotel In Salem. Our staff invites travelers from across the region to explore and discover Salem’s historic downtown.

The Grand Hotel In Salem returns grand hospitality to Salem’s downtown. Opened in March of 2005, as part of the Salem Convention Center complex, The hotel was designed as the flagship property for VIP’S Industries, Inc. a regional hospitality company. VIP’S Industries, Inc. was founded in 1968 and opened their first hotel, the Phoenix Inn, in South Salem in 1990.

We invite you to experience superior service and singular comfort, all of which will be, in a word, GRAND.